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Will Mullen and Ant Aggression

Will Mullen, rising junior at Trinity High School, discusses his research project. They made a very unique discovery today when their Atta queen was brought back to the fungus garden by the worker ants. This is one of several trials that will be statistically analyzed using Vassarstats online program.

Research Time

Students are spending the afternoon working on their research and experimentation. Some groups discovered that science is not easy... while others were excited to see their hypotheses confirmed. All the groups are learning that two important values: 1) collaborating with group members to make decisions can be a challenge and 2) designing experiments which yield valid data is hard. 
Way to go LC and Trinity... the groups are doing great. - Mr. Heintz

Day 5: Fun in the morning.

Today we took advantage of the first real break from rain and rode up the side of Santa Maria Volcano to get the best view in northwest Costa Rica. After a great ride (and a lot of bonding with our horses), we took a nice walk through the rain forest to a beautiful waterfall. Students had a quick dip before we headed home for a lunch or veggie rice and sea bass. Even though they look a little tired, students are ready for an afternoon and full evening of research and experimentation. - Mr. Heintz