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Great Presentations

Congratulations to all the students, both Trinity and Lexington Catholic, for wonderful presentations. Each group presented their findings to both Dr. Pinto, Ibrahim, Pablo, Mr. William, Mrs. Angela, and Mr. Doleman. We are very proud of their accomplishments and can't wait till the parents have a change to see it as well.

The rest of the trip consists of a tour of Sensoria (volcanic waterfalls), Chocolate Tour, a tour of the dry forest (with Mr. Freddy), explanation of Turtle Research with midnight turtle sweeps, and a relaxing afternoon on the beach. Even though we are finished with the research projects... we have a lot to do and more to discover. - Mr. Heintz

Trinity students help a school in Colonia Libertad, Costa Rica

Students from Trinity High School and Lexington Catholic High School spent the afternoon on an important service project for the village of Colonia Libertad. Recent grants have allowed the community to purchase raw materials needed to renovate the school and build a wall around the property. Students helped by moving the cinder blocks from across the street to the construction site, saving the local workers time and energy to get the job done. Over the course of the summer, students from Seeds of Change continue to make a positive impact on the village.

Way to go Rocks!

June 8th... Don't Forget

Calling all parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and all friends of Trinity High School. Next Thursday, June 8th, at 7pm in Convocation Hall will be night to remember. After a brief intro and explanation of the trip, students will present their three research projects. We will be serving Costa Rican coffee, cacao nibs, and rain forest chocolate (made at the farm). Come celebrate your student's achievements.
Research Projects Include: The Organic Force Field, Stopping Ants from Getting Cacao Leaves, and Queen Heist.

Day 7: Presentations

This morning we are meeting with our groups for our final day of experimentation. After several days in both the field and the lab, we have completed our trials and are analyzing our collected data. Today, each group is creating a formal scientific PowerPoint presentation. After lunch, each group will present their findings to the community, including several local farmers. My group, Los Tigres Nobles, conducted experiment concerning the use of suitable versus unsuitable leaves by leaf cutter ants. Our goal was to provide a form of natural deterrent that farmers might use to protect their crops. We have all learned so much from this immersion experience. I can't wait to see how the other experiments turned out! -Noah Tuell