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Day 6: Final Stages

Today we woke up and ate something new for breakfast, we had eggs and rice of course but they through some new flavors in the mix by serving pancakes and sausage. After breakfast we moved on to the science aspect of the trip where we worked on our experiments for one of the last times because we have to have them in before lunch tomorrow. After lunch we had a couple hours of free time where me and some of the other students went up to the local pulperia, which is a small store (the only store in this town). After our free time was up we went into the village to help out the town by carrying all the cinder blocks that they were using to build a fence for the school to a more accessible place withing the school walls. After doing an hour and a half of service Pablo one of the owners of the farm bought all of us sodas at the pulperia. Then we did something very fun but different for dinner we went to a women house in the town that has taken out a microloan to build amazing outdoor cookin…

Jack Ryan... Pura Vida!

Jack Ryan Smith, a rising junior at Trinity High School, discusses his favorite part of the trip so far. Besides the science, of course, Jack Ryan loved the horseback riding up the side of Santa Maria Volcano and swimming in a rain forest waterfall. Pura Vida!

Day 5: Sam's Thoughts

Day 5: Wednesday May 31st, 2017

     It was around 6:30 in the morning when I arose from a deep slumber to the sounds of birds singing and crickets humming in the forest behind me. It was time for another adventurous day in the Costa Rican rain forest! I then packed my day bag and set off to meet my fellow Los Tigres nobles teammates in the lab to run our positive control trials. After setting up our trial and recording the data from last night's negative control trial I headed down to feast on another exquisite Finca la Anita meal that was ripe with fresh ingredients. Soon after breakfast and some loll banter on the subject of basketball and soccer with Mac and Alexander, it was time to pack into the travel bus with the worlds best tour driver, Eddie! It was then that we took a pleasant drive on the rugged dirt roads to a location where we would continue our travels via horseback ride! Pablo then showed those of us with a lack of experience the proper methods in which to ride a h…