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Day 8: Sensoria and Chocolate Tour

We started the day with an amazing breakfast with rice and beans, toast, and scrambled eggs. From there, we were greeted with three trucks ready to take us to Sensoria. The road there was bumpy and harsh, filled with rivers and rocks, but it was enjoyable to hang out with others on the way there. We even picked up a hitchhiker to take back to his sister's house. From there we continued our journey to arrive at the beautiful Sensoria. Once we arrived we were greeted by our tour guide, who lead us up rocky paths uphill and downhill with many many stairs. We arrived at our first destination, which was the "Blue Waterfall". It was a long beautiful, pure blue waterfall, just as the name suggests. We took a few pictures as seen below and went to our second place. The second place was a cold spring, which we were able to swim in and climb on the rocks. It was insanely cold and really refreshing! John was the first to hop in! After that, we went to our third and final spot in Se…