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Day 9: Horizontes

After a quick lunch at Horizontes, we moved to the classroom to discuss the second year program. Students interested in the program, which centers around the study of Bioinformatics, can go for 10 days of research and fun under the care of Dr. Gabriel. Mr. Doleman introduced us to Veronica, a turtle researcher and student at UCR. Veronica explained the research they conduct at Playa Cabuyal and the recent presentation she gave at the World Turtle Symposium in Las Vegas.
After a quick break... word spread that Vanessa (the manager of Horizontes) had rallied the locals to a game of futbol. What an awesome experience to see several generations of Costa Ricans playing soccer with high school students from Kentucky. It lasted more than an hour and the cheers and laughter could be heard all over the valley. Even Eddie (our driver) came to play... sporting his #5 shirt that he got when he voted for his local congress candidate. 
The night ended with a turtle sweep of the beach. Students too…